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  • Cleanings

  • Braces

  • Professional Whitening

  • Veneers

Crowns and Implants

We use CEREC which stands for CERamic REConstruction. This system is 3D technology that allows Dr. Ashman to create custom crowns on the same day including inlays and onlays using the most natural, durable porcelain material available.

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  • Extractions- Our dentists will provide this care for reasons such as: severe decay, infection, crowding, or wisdom tooth removal.

  • Root canal therapy- We provide root canal treatment that alleviates pain, saves your natural tooth, and prevents further complications. 

Fillings/Laser Dentistry 

Ashman dental has a Solea Laser that takes the drill, needle, and noise out of dental visits. This laser provides a wide variety of treatments such as fillings, gingivectomies, and frenectomies.

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